Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best initial/monogram necklaces!!!

I seems that everyone is wearing "letter" necklaces.... they either have the letter of their first name, kids names, animals names, or their initials.. We know that in the 80's monogram's were everywhere, on sheets, towels, sweaters, housewares etc. Now you can wear them around your neck... below are some I realllly like!

1. Tiffany sterling silver "notes" round pendent. $165.00. All girls love that little blue box, this is an awesome gift!
2. Nick Blum sterling silver initial necklace, in Gothic lettering 205.00.
This comes in capital letters too!
3. Phyrra letter necklace $130.00
love the look of the letter stamp, looks like they melted the wax and closed a letter (no pun intended). This is my favorite jewelry store! This also comes in bronze!

4. Helen Ficalora letter charm. Comes in silver and gold, silver charms are 50.00, gold charms 105.00. If you google her name you can find a ton of distributors, or go to her site and order by phone.

5. Sonya Renee gold square monogram pendent 125.00.
Obviously this was shown in "InStyle". To be TOTALLY honest I saw this in UsWeekly (yes, I love to read gossip). The square shape makes it super modern, a nice change from the traditional circle pendent.

6. Zoe Chicco Silver monogram locket $200.00.
Not only can you have your initials on it you can put teeny tiny pictures inside!
love the antique style of this one.

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