Thursday, February 21, 2013

ABJ glassworks Philly!

Looking for a new terrarium on the web, I found this site ABJ Glassworks!  They are a Philly based company and everything they make is by hand and is eco friendly!  What is better then that! First you can support a small business that makes everything in the USA and is eco friendly.  Every manufactuer should be like this.  They also make this amazing lamp!  They are such beautiful pieces for your home, and are one of a kind!  

ABJ Glassworks "companion lamp"
Air Terrarium Kit Large
Check out her works they are really adorable and I am for sure going to add the terrarium to my shelf, when I can and then hopefully save for that lamp!!!! Check their stuff out! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It IS Beautiful Here!!

Omg, this is the cutest pillow.  I think it is beautiful where ever you are! There is beauty in everything we see, sometimes we just have to look a little harder to see it!!  Nothing like a pillow to remind you HA HA HA.. seriously this is great, I cruised this Etsy shop and they have some cute tea towels, napkins and such!!!

It's beautiful here 12x16 pillow
by Sweetnature Design
This comes in other pillow sizes you just have to choose when purchasing. The pillow is 100% linen and just a great reminder.... great for any room :)!

Tooled leather BOHO cuff

In one of my last posts I mentioned my obsession with anything native american inspired... Well, I feel the same about tooled leather... I LOVE it.  10 years ago working on a job in Waco, TX I had a belt custom made with my name on it... I have worn it everyday since (no joke)!!! 
Looking around Etsy for a tooled leather dog collar I FOUND THIS AWESOME CUFF...
Tooled Leather Boho Cuff Green and Turquoise Stone
Karen Kell Collection
This is just beautiful, perfect with any denim on denim ensemble!! I can't want to get one!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

CUTE Dishtowels at Anthropologie

I love to change my kitchen towels, it makes such a difference to change per season and changes everything just a little bit.  I have actually posted about it before.  At Anthropologie, these dishtowels of course stood out to me!!!! They may not be for everyone but being a horse girl myself they are adorbs!!! Anthropologie really does have such a cute selection... if these are not for you there are plenty to choose from.
Equine Markings Dishtowels

GAP lace up oxford!

Oxfords came back with a vengeance years ago!!! I am always looking for the perfect pair and at a reasonable price.  I was in the Gap and was totally impressed by the cute oxfords they have and for cheap. I have to say Gap sometimes does have great shoes... and these are a great pair.
I love the black and the gray ... they also come in tan.
Go to and or
They are $59.95

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Was I Native American????

I have an obsession with anything native american inspired... I think it is because I went to a psychic once that said I was Native American in my last 3 lives and my spirit animal is the wolf!  She told me I love the land and dogs... Well that is true!!!! SHE MUST BE RIGHT!!!!

In 1976 I came back as a german, greek, italian white girl from CT.... HUH?  Well..... I was in Indian Guides.. Indian Princess' and my name was little "little cloud." But I feel like my name should be "dances with wolves!"

Being drawn to all native american design here are some native American inspired things I JUST LOVE!!!!!

I found a great place named "AK Vintage".  A lot of the designs are native american inspired. The designer is from Portland, OR and handcrafts everything in the USA! woo hoo !!!!  Totally check it out!!!!

Talisman Necklace by AKVintage
I adore this wall paper and I can not wait to put it somewhere in my apt.
Cavern "Tapestry" Wallpaper

Pendelton makes the best wool blankets.. They come in king, queen, twin and crib.  The blankets are amazing, the colors and patterns, it is hard to choose!! I find this website to have the best selection. Go to Indian

Pendelton Chief James Blanket

I wear these moccasins everyday, I simply can't live without them. I have the "El Paso's and just love the design on the toe.  They are the best!
Minnetonka "el paso" moccasin's
Recycled canvas tote with a Chief's face silkscreened on.. really cute and everyone can use a canvas bag!!!
Native American Recycled Canvas Tote
by paisleymagic

I hope you find your inner spirit and native american side.. The designs are colorful and inspiring ... The geometric patterns and the fact that there is a story behind most pattern's really is great!
little cloud

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Everything is better in DENIM!

I am obsessed with denim, I wear it all the time and have been known to wear jeans to everything... it's just my thing, I have not worn a pair of pants/trousers in so long!!! Denim on Denim is my fave and thank GAWD it's the style because now I'm in! What's it called??? the "canadian tux" well I am into it! Since Denim is my fave I am thinking outside the box and want a denim dress... I saw this one and LOVED IT...

This picture is small but I could not get a bigger one! This is a must have for spring summer, pair it with moc's, cute flats, sandals or booties.  If it is cooler you can wear tights and a sweater... TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BEST BOOT for me Rain or Snow!!!

So I split time between Production Designing in NYC and then running a horse farm in Connecticut.  I NEED BOOTS all the time... when it snows or rains in NYC & on the farm... I have had a million pairs and I have narrowed down to what my favorite one is ..........3........2.........1............

 L.L. Beans 100th anniversary Maine hunting shoe!
Love these, and they are so cute and traditional! I wear them in the rain or snow. I don't think anyone can go wrong with duck boots no matter what. They look great with anything and are truly waterproof. They don't have any lining so i throw a great pair of smart wool socks to keep my feet warm!!  I love the height of them....They hold true to tradition and are the best. $139 is so reasonable for such a wonderful boot.. and it is designed to look just like the first hunting boot they made!!!
go to