Thursday, February 14, 2013

Everything is better in DENIM!

I am obsessed with denim, I wear it all the time and have been known to wear jeans to everything... it's just my thing, I have not worn a pair of pants/trousers in so long!!! Denim on Denim is my fave and thank GAWD it's the style because now I'm in! What's it called??? the "canadian tux" well I am into it! Since Denim is my fave I am thinking outside the box and want a denim dress... I saw this one and LOVED IT...

This picture is small but I could not get a bigger one! This is a must have for spring summer, pair it with moc's, cute flats, sandals or booties.  If it is cooler you can wear tights and a sweater... TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!

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