Friday, March 29, 2013

I will always love you......motorcycle boot!

I'm not telling anyone anything new with this blog... I am really posting stuff I think is great and hope other people like it too!!!  I have to say with all the boot craze in this world these still hands down are my favorite boot, motorcycle or not!!!  You just can't go wrong with these... they look good with everything and once they are broken in ... just perfection!!!!

Frye Harness 12R "tan"

Nameplate leather bracelets!!! Not just for horse girls!

In the horse world I don't know anyone who doesn't have one of these....Every girl gets one made with their horses name on it!! They really are adorable and it is so cute seeing all the girls wear these proudly since they love their horse's so much! I of course have one too!!! They really can be for anything you want!!! Have any name dog's, cat's, horse, boyfriend's engraved on the plate.. or you can even do something inspirational if that is your thing!!!  They come with a brass plate with brown leather or a silver  plate with black leather... I think they are so great.
Stablemate Leather bracelet

Tie Dye love!

I'll never forget my friend Sondra's birthday party in 4th grade, it was a tie dye party!!!!!! We tie dyed tee's and sweatshirts... it was so fun!!! I wore that tee and sweatshirt to death!!!! Who doesn't love a little tie dye in their life and you don't have to feel like you need to hacky sack while wearing it anymore !!!!!!  This sweatshirt is awesome!!!!
Whistles Luna Tie Dye Sweat

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Star light fixture made of reclaimed barn wood!!!

WOW, these are amazing!!! They can look good anywhere ! I would love to put these in a family room, or kids room!!!! So rustic and charming, these star lights are. They are sculpted with 100 year old barn wood and steel, the also have finishing options for you and are made to order... you can customize the size too.. get a bunch and cluster them on the wall or just one to have a statement!!!
Star light

Fringe Bead Bag by Matta

My sister got a gift from a friend and it happens to be this bag!! I LOVE IT and steal it from her when I go out... I never heard of this brand "Matta" before... They have adorable stuff.  None the less this bag goes with everything and is just amaze! The fringe is hand woven and the glass beads are vintage... such a great find!
Fringe Bead Bag

Horse print chambray shirt!!!! Perfect for SUMMMER!!!

I love going into Forever 21 and looking around, most of the stuff I can't wear and or don't need, but I found this amazing shirt !!!  Ok, so anything in denim and or with horse on it I love... so this is amazing!!! Definitely my new shirt for summer. Don't mind this weird looking model.. ha ha
Horse Print Chambray Shirt
Forever 21

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bird Tribal Cuff!!!

Obviously to get something almost one of a kind it's great to go vintage or handmade..... It doesn't guarantee it was the only one made but chances are there are few and far between.  It gives you something original and all its own to your style!!!  I love searching for pieces not mass produced... you can go anywhere on Etsy, Ebay or flea markets... you name it.  Today on Etsy as it is a rainy day I saw this bird cuff.  Birds are everywhere but they all seem to resemble each other!!! sparrows everywhere! I saw this and thought well that is authentic!!!  There are only 9 available so you wont be the only one to have it BUT it is still pretty rare!!! 
silver bird bracelet cuff

SEE YA red heart shaped "Lolita" glasses

Not just the red Lolita glasses anymore, these are so cute even I would wear them! They are just adorable and each pair is different due to the variations of wood they use! I love that they are handcrafted in Tennessee which means MADE IN THE USA!!!!!
Ombre wood veneer "lolita" sunglasses

Vintage Asian Advertisements on your walls!!!

One thing I love are vintage ad's of any kind!!!  They really took the time to make them catchy and fun and grab people to buy, eat or vacation anywhere!!!  The real posters are kinda expensive and honestly the repro's are just as good.... 
A great twist to your home is to add some old vintage asian ad's to your wall!  They are so colorful and add a twist to any home.... I LOVE THEM AND HAVE SOME MYSELF!!!!  Frame them in a simple frame and they will look terrific..... here are some that I think are great !!!!  I found this great website that sells them for super cheap and are just awesome!!! you can't go wrong!!!
go to

Pick out the ones for you and put them up!!!!