Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Asian Advertisements on your walls!!!

One thing I love are vintage ad's of any kind!!!  They really took the time to make them catchy and fun and grab people to buy, eat or vacation anywhere!!!  The real posters are kinda expensive and honestly the repro's are just as good.... 
A great twist to your home is to add some old vintage asian ad's to your wall!  They are so colorful and add a twist to any home.... I LOVE THEM AND HAVE SOME MYSELF!!!!  Frame them in a simple frame and they will look terrific..... here are some that I think are great !!!!  I found this great website that sells them for super cheap and are just awesome!!! you can't go wrong!!!
go to www.zitantique.com

Pick out the ones for you and put them up!!!!

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