Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get your Green Thumb on with Paper Whites!!!

(1st pic. my paper whites with polished stones)
(2nd pic is my ball jar with fish bowl pebbles)
One thing I love to do is bring a little springtime into my apt...
they are super easy to plant and they bring such great life into your house or apt.
You can go to almost any plant store and buy the bulbs, they are super cheap around $3.99 for 4 bulbs.
This is fun to do with your kids too, watch them grow and enjoy the sweet smell they have!

1. buy bulbs
2. get any polished stones, pebbles or marbles......they love to have a porous base... I have a little japanese fighting fish and had left over pebbles from his bowl so I used the rest of those.... you have to rinse them and have them clean.
3. get a container with out drainage holes. I personally put them in ball jars, such a cute look.
4. fill the container with the pebbles and leave about an inch from the top.
5. place the bulbs on top of the pebbles and cover them a little bit so they are secure and not wobbly.
5. Fill your container with water. Just kiss the bottom of the bulb... you don't want it any higher or the bulbs can get moldy and rot.
6. Wait for you paper whites to grow....
I like to use clear containers so you can see the root growth and how they are coming along... it's very important to maintain the water level because they drink it up. Paper whites grow tall so to support them I use chopsticks and wrap a little twine around to keep them standing tall.
In about a week you will see them grow and bloom beautiful little white fragrant flowers....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you for being a friend!

If you are anything like me, I am obsessed with the Golden Girls!!!! i have watched the rerun's religiously and sadly enough know the theme song by heart!
I sometimes don't know which golden girl I like best!!!! Rose no Dorothy no Sophia!
I saw these necklaces I ALMOST died and want every single one. They even have STAN!!!!

golden girls necklaces
$140.00 by Karen Yost

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A fancier track/jumper pant!!!

So here is another thrifty vs. frivolous buy!!!!

I love these built by wendy linen track pants! I was on my way down to the store to go get them.

1. Built by Wendy linen track pant in Indigo
BUTTTTTTTT I stopped in American Apparel and stumbled upon these! They are basically the same! Due to the fact this kind of pant may be a purchase I grow out of the price was perfect. $40 bucks is a steal and they are the same type of pant!

2. American Apparel chambray jumper pant (in blue and black)

Good Ole Tassel Moccasins

So, walking around today in soho, I went to my favorite shop A.P.C.
I saw a pair of loafers with tassels and could not believe the price... I thought..."I have the same shoes by Bass!!!!"
So why break the bank on a pair of shoe's when you can get the same thing by the originator's

The original Bass (weejun) "washington" in burgundy (also comes in black)
2. A.P.C. Tassel Mocassins

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best "Flokati" rug buy!

Flokati rugs are super popular... I think they are great! You can put them in any room... I just love them, the problem is they can be super expensive.

At abc carpet and home they are 100.00 for a 3x4, TOOO MUCH!

Ikea has the best buy. It is a well made perfect size rug. I have mine over my big rug to soften up the room....

Ikea Flokati Rug 79.99
size 6'7"x 4'7"

My new favorite purchase!!!

While rummaging through my receipts for taxes I struck gold and found a Marc Jacobs credit....
I am obsessed with my new purchase and think I have worn it a million times since I got it.... It's awesome. Now don't all run out and get it HA HA.

Marc by Marc "maize sweater"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you are bored with your kitchen?? cheap easy change!!!

One thing I like to do when I am bored with my kitchen is change the dishtowels, table cloth, placemat's and cloth napkins... whatever you have change it!
It totally gives your kitchen a new look and lift. It is a super cheap and easy way to just get something fresh and new in there.

There are a few stores i go to to look for fun new things...

Anthropologie www.anthropologie.com
Broadway Panhandler www.broadwaypanhandler.com
Crate and Barrell www.crateandbarrel.com
and there are so many other cute stores that you may come across....especially in your area...
My personal favorite is Anthropologie! You have to look there are too many cute ones to post.

1. Anthropologie "wild parrot" dish towel $18.00

2. Anthropologie "lulia" potholders $12
3. Anthropologie "quilting circle" napkin $6
4. Anthropologie "citrine quilting circle" placemat $18

5. Anthropologie "dotty match" potholders $12
6. Anthropologie "i hate drying up dish towel" $15
7. anthropologie "mina tablecloth" round $58-98
8. Anthropologie "mina napkins" $24

This water glass is to small! this water glass is too big! THIS ONE IS JUST RIGHT

I feel like once I pour a glass of water I take 2 sips and it's gone. While I was shopping for a job in Ikea... I found these awesome sized tumblers... it seems to be just enough water for me.... not too much and not to little!! HA.
While shopping with my friend Suzy she screamed "I LOVE these cups for coffee in the am"!!!
So cheap and great colors... I think everyone should have them!

Ikea "pokal" tumbler $1.99. Comes in white, pink and beige. (I have all three colors)!

The Best TOTE for MEN by FILSON

My dad has had Filson luggage since I can remember... actually when i went to college my dad gave me the back pack and someone asked me what was in my satchel, and if i was going mountain climbing in the ALPS!!!!!! i kinda was embaressed ran and got a regular back pack and gave it back to my dad... now it is soo awesome and worn in and he wont give it back HA HA HA
i got this tote for a guy i was dating years ago for a birthday gift and he used it every day... and loved it, I still think he uses it!
It isn't a "murse" it is a super cool bag for guys... OK guys, let's be real..... you have more then your wallet to carry and you can't put everything in your pockets!!!!

girls you can use it too, and ladies it is a perfect gift for your guy!!!

"Rugged Twill Tote Bag"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is almost here...Change your nail polish!

The one thing I love to change for spring is....... NAIL COLOR!
Time to take off the dark vampy colors and reds. I really love to go to hot pinks and good nudes with pink tones. For some reason when I get hot pink it just makes me happy looking down at my nails....
Some colors I love are by Essie, and it seems that Essie is everywhere....

1. Montauk in the End
2. Fruit Sangria3. Mademoiselle