Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get your Green Thumb on with Paper Whites!!!

(1st pic. my paper whites with polished stones)
(2nd pic is my ball jar with fish bowl pebbles)
One thing I love to do is bring a little springtime into my apt...
they are super easy to plant and they bring such great life into your house or apt.
You can go to almost any plant store and buy the bulbs, they are super cheap around $3.99 for 4 bulbs.
This is fun to do with your kids too, watch them grow and enjoy the sweet smell they have!

1. buy bulbs
2. get any polished stones, pebbles or marbles......they love to have a porous base... I have a little japanese fighting fish and had left over pebbles from his bowl so I used the rest of those.... you have to rinse them and have them clean.
3. get a container with out drainage holes. I personally put them in ball jars, such a cute look.
4. fill the container with the pebbles and leave about an inch from the top.
5. place the bulbs on top of the pebbles and cover them a little bit so they are secure and not wobbly.
5. Fill your container with water. Just kiss the bottom of the bulb... you don't want it any higher or the bulbs can get moldy and rot.
6. Wait for you paper whites to grow....
I like to use clear containers so you can see the root growth and how they are coming along... it's very important to maintain the water level because they drink it up. Paper whites grow tall so to support them I use chopsticks and wrap a little twine around to keep them standing tall.
In about a week you will see them grow and bloom beautiful little white fragrant flowers....

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