Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you are bored with your kitchen?? cheap easy change!!!

One thing I like to do when I am bored with my kitchen is change the dishtowels, table cloth, placemat's and cloth napkins... whatever you have change it!
It totally gives your kitchen a new look and lift. It is a super cheap and easy way to just get something fresh and new in there.

There are a few stores i go to to look for fun new things...

Broadway Panhandler
Crate and Barrell
and there are so many other cute stores that you may come across....especially in your area...
My personal favorite is Anthropologie! You have to look there are too many cute ones to post.

1. Anthropologie "wild parrot" dish towel $18.00

2. Anthropologie "lulia" potholders $12
3. Anthropologie "quilting circle" napkin $6
4. Anthropologie "citrine quilting circle" placemat $18

5. Anthropologie "dotty match" potholders $12
6. Anthropologie "i hate drying up dish towel" $15
7. anthropologie "mina tablecloth" round $58-98
8. Anthropologie "mina napkins" $24

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