Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letterpress art prints of the 50 states!

I found these amazing letterpress prints just "surfing" around Etsy!  Made by Dutch Door Press out of San Francisco they letterpress greeting cards, art prints, calendar's, boxed note set's, textiles and gifts!
These prints are made on 100% cotton paper and come 5"x7".  I want to get all THE STATES  and put them on one wall!  I think this is a great gift idea for anyone.  The letterpress prints have the state bird and flower on them... and are just adorable. Below are CT and Mass. I LOVE THEM.

Monday, November 5, 2012

AHHHH MAZING... My favorite Black Pumps.

My best friend was getting married in Cali.... I was a bridesmaid... All we had to do is wear black... Easy enough! Well... I of course needed new shoes.  I found the perfect pair and I wore them 2 nights in a row (get my money's worth). I danced and mingled all night without sore feet the next day.
Here are the dream shoes I am talking about... The YVES SAINT LAURENT "GISELE" black suede pump!  The heels are super high.. LOVE.... but because of the platform you can walk a 5K instead of wobbling around.  They have a gorgeous tapered toe, leather interior lining and  lightly cushioned insole.  The front platform measure's 3/4" and the heel is 4 3/4".  These shoes make your feet look so pretty and feminine.. they are my cinderella shoe!!
P.S. i got them at barney's :) and come in different colors!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Necklace charms the shape of your STATE! by Maya Brenner

I had seen these necklaces a while back and loved them. Well I finally got one and it is just adorable! You can get a necklace in the shape of any state. I of course got Connecticut, wear it everyday and get compliments galore!! Maya Brenner is a jewelry designer out of LA and you can order them online.  You can get gold or silver and even add a diamond that is placed where you are from!!!!
check it out at! The picture above is mine. It is just so cute I feel like everyone should get one!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birdwatch at home !!

Being a CT girl, I am drawn to the outdoors. I live in NYC now..... I needed to bring the outdoors into my apt, nothing says outdoor's like birds... and you don't have to get one of those chirpy little fellas!!!

they are made by Dwell and called the "Chinoiserie" duvet set. You can go to
they start at $310.00.

I am on ETSY all the time and found these great watercolor prints! I love birds (as you can tell with the sheets)! you can't get something more from the outdoors in then a bird. But you don't have to get the bird to do so!!!  This seller has beautiful, delicate watercolors that I love. Visit her shop! you can cluster a bunch on your wall, i would keep the frames simple, you don't want to take away from the delicate water color print.
Vintage bird cages are sooo cute!!! There are so many ways you can use one as a decorative piece. They are something you can find anywhere on Etsy, Ebay, thrift stores or flea markets... I like this one I found on Ebay! What I would do with this is wire it ....put an Edison bulb in it and hang it in the corner of a room a great hanging light.  BUT you can also put it on a side table with a LED candle in it... (I would use a real candle but this one is made of wood!  Only if it is a metal cage.) You don't even have to light it up you can still hang it in a corner and it will look great !!!

Wall Paper is a bit old fashioned.....I still think it can add so much to a space.  You can wallpaper one wall or a whole room to add a punch of whatever you like.
I found this wallpaper at Louise Body Wallpaper it's an English Company, 60 pounds per roll.
To the left its called "Garden Bird" i love the faint colors the birds are so nice and subtle and easy to decorate around. Right hand side is "Harry's Garden"in black and white and this is great of you want to get a little bolder for a room.
John Derian is AMAZING, he is my favorite thing in decoupage !
I showed you some water colors for the wall ... however, I love hanging plates on the wall. You can mix and match the watercolors with the plates too for wall decor.
here are some of his plates with birds.  Don't think you have to stick to one bird type... only owls or only songbirds... mix and match your birds to get the whole FLOCK in !!!!

go get those birds in the house !!!!!

Best resin antler's!!!

If you love antlers and animal skulls like me ( i know it sounds morbid) here are a few I love.  The best part is that they are cast from resin So you don't have to feel bad about  Bambi's brother's antler's being on your wall.

These are from Restoration Hardware. I think they are beautiful! After a lot of research for myself i found these to be the best deal!!!

deer antler's cast in resin @restoration hardware $119.00
12 1/2" w x 8"d x 29"h

moose antler's cast in resin @ restoration hardware $495.00
44"w x 20"d x 27"h

steer horn's cast in resin @restoration hardware$140.00
(this is the one i have)
30 3/4 w x 91/2 d x 35 1/2 h
such great decorating piece's!!!!