Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best resin antler's!!!

If you love antlers and animal skulls like me ( i know it sounds morbid) here are a few I love.  The best part is that they are cast from resin So you don't have to feel bad about  Bambi's brother's antler's being on your wall.

These are from Restoration Hardware. I think they are beautiful! After a lot of research for myself i found these to be the best deal!!!

deer antler's cast in resin @restoration hardware $119.00
12 1/2" w x 8"d x 29"h

moose antler's cast in resin @ restoration hardware $495.00
44"w x 20"d x 27"h

steer horn's cast in resin @restoration hardware$140.00
(this is the one i have)
30 3/4 w x 91/2 d x 35 1/2 h
such great decorating piece's!!!!

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