Sunday, February 17, 2013

Was I Native American????

I have an obsession with anything native american inspired... I think it is because I went to a psychic once that said I was Native American in my last 3 lives and my spirit animal is the wolf!  She told me I love the land and dogs... Well that is true!!!! SHE MUST BE RIGHT!!!!

In 1976 I came back as a german, greek, italian white girl from CT.... HUH?  Well..... I was in Indian Guides.. Indian Princess' and my name was little "little cloud." But I feel like my name should be "dances with wolves!"

Being drawn to all native american design here are some native American inspired things I JUST LOVE!!!!!

I found a great place named "AK Vintage".  A lot of the designs are native american inspired. The designer is from Portland, OR and handcrafts everything in the USA! woo hoo !!!!  Totally check it out!!!!

Talisman Necklace by AKVintage
I adore this wall paper and I can not wait to put it somewhere in my apt.
Cavern "Tapestry" Wallpaper

Pendelton makes the best wool blankets.. They come in king, queen, twin and crib.  The blankets are amazing, the colors and patterns, it is hard to choose!! I find this website to have the best selection. Go to Indian

Pendelton Chief James Blanket

I wear these moccasins everyday, I simply can't live without them. I have the "El Paso's and just love the design on the toe.  They are the best!
Minnetonka "el paso" moccasin's
Recycled canvas tote with a Chief's face silkscreened on.. really cute and everyone can use a canvas bag!!!
Native American Recycled Canvas Tote
by paisleymagic

I hope you find your inner spirit and native american side.. The designs are colorful and inspiring ... The geometric patterns and the fact that there is a story behind most pattern's really is great!
little cloud

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