Friday, January 25, 2013


I needed a new mascara so at CVS I got my ole faithful Mabelline Great Lash in Very Black.... Well to my surprise the next morning As I opened it up it was TEAL!!!! "Teal Appeal" to be exact!  I thought oh great green mascara.... Well needless to say I gave it a whirl!  I went to go meet some friends and everyone said "wow, your eyes are so bright is that blue mascara?"..... I corrected them and said "teal appeal" ha ha ha!  Well I got so many complements on how bright my eyes have been I went and bought the royal blue too!  Same reaction with that color "elke, your eyes look so bright"!!!!  See ya very black and hello teal appeal and royal blue!  I looked it up online and it said that those 2 colors actually do brighten up brown eyes and are a great colors for us brown eyed girls... So go out and try it and let me know what you think! I've had rave reviews!!!!!

i have not tried the "pop up purple" or the "go go green"
but I might!!!!

you can get it anywhere!!! go try it! 
PS tried to take a pic of my eye with it  but it was not cute!

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