Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My new Fragrance LE LABO

I am super picky about perfume! I don't like too floral, too sweet or too musky!!! It's hard to find a balance of all that makes a nice subtle smell! A friend of mine always smelt just right and I had to ask her what she was wearing... and TAH DA I found my new fave.

Its called LE LABO, and they have 10 amazing fragrances... my favorite is the Bergamote 22.

Each Fragrance is made to order so it is fresh and at it's best.  I think that is just awesome!

The cutest thing is on the bottle once made to order they put your name the bottle ! They made it just for you!!!! It also has the date it was made and who made it for you at the store.  I think it is so great to support something so carefully made in the USA and by hand.  It also smells divine!

233 Elizabeth St. NY, NY 10012 USA

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